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Meloxidyl For Dogs


Meloxidyl for dogs 100ml
Meloxidyl Oral Suspension is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) containing the active ingredient Meloxicam. Meloxidyl Oral Suspension for Dogs is supplied as meloxidyl 100ml, 32ml, and 10ml for use in dogs only. Meloxidyl for dogs is a sweet tasting pale yellow liquid that is supplied in a dropper bottle. A specially calibrated meloxidyl dosing syringe is supplied in order to measure the correct dose. Meloxidyl for dogs can be administered in food and as such is very palatable. It can also be given directly into the mouth but only after feeding and not on an empty stomach. Meloxidyl for dogs is also available as an injection that can be administered by your vet. Meloxidyl is manufactured by CEVA. Meloxidyl is now licensed for use in cats and is available in a 15ml bottle for use in cats.

There are other products available that use the active ingredient
Meloxicam which your vet may also prescribe you.

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Meloxidyl Oral Suspension is used as an anti-inflammatory to treat a wide range of conditions in dogs. Meloxidyl for dogs is commonly used to relieve pain in both short and longterm conditions. One of the most common uses of meloxidyl for dogs is in the treatment of arthritis (osteoarthritis, stiff joints, degenerative joint disease). It can also be used to treat other painful conditions in dogs in the short and longterm. For example post operative pain relief following routine neutering or other surgery in dogs, following an injury such as a dog bite, for pain associated with muscle sprains or lameness, for pain caused by tumours / cancer

Meloxidyl has the active ingredient Meloxicam


Meloxidyl should be used under the guidance of your veterinary surgeon
• Meloxidyl should always be given with or immediately after food
• Meloxidyl Oral Suspension is normally administered once daily
• Always shake the bottle of meloxidyl before use
• After opening a bottle of meloxidyl use within 6 months and then discard any unused product
• Weigh your dog regularly to ensure accurate dosing with meloxidyl for dogs
• If you accidentally overdose your dog or cat with meloxidyl contact your vet
• Store at room temperature and not above 25˚C
• If you notice any side effects then stop treatment and contact your vet
• Treatment with a joint supplement (e.g. seraquin or cosequin) in addition to meloxidyl can benefit dogs suffering with arthritis
• You must not use meloxidyl dog in cats because it is not licensed for use. Cats requiring
Meloxicam should be treated with meloxidyl for cats.


• Meloxidyl is a very safe drug that is widely used and has very few serious side effects
• The commonest side effects are loss of appetite, sickness (vomiting) and diarrhoea (sometimes with blood)
• Most side effects will occur within the first week of treatment and will generally resolve once treatment is stopped
• Less common side effects include liver and kidney problems, blood clotting problems, and stomach ulcers
• If used carefully and according to you vets instructions these side effects are rare
• Your vet would not have prescribed meloxidyl if he/she did not believe that the potential benefits outweighed the very small risk of side effects
• If your dog suffers any side effects stop treatment and contact your vet
• Do not use meloxidyl in dogs less than six weeks old
• Do not use meloxidyl in pregnant or lactating dogs
• Do not use meloxidyl in dogs with pre-existing liver or kidney problems

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• Meloxidyl Oral Suspension is dosed according to bodyweight
• Accurate dosing is essential therefore weigh your pet regularly
• Meloxidyl for dogs is supplied in a dropper bottle with a dosing syringe.
• It can either be dosed by counting drops for small dogs or by using the syringe supplied for larger dogs
• The syringe is calibrated to the weight of your dog
• The syringe is not calibrated in millilitres
• Your vet should tell you how many drops to give or what weight to dose your dog for
• Never exceed the stated dose
• Meloxidyl is usually given once daily with or immediately after food
• How long will a bottle of meloxidyl 100ml, 32ml, or 10ml last?


• Treating dogs with arthritis can become expensive since they will need life long treatment
• Many dogs being treated for arthritis will be prescribed a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug - NSAID (such as meloxidyl) by your vet as well as being recommended a joint supplement
• Joint supplements such as synoquin and seraquin are available from at significantly lower prices than from veterinary surgeons
• NSAIDs such as Meloxidyl Oral Liquid are POM-V (prescription only medicine - veterinarian) therefore they are only available on prescription from your vet
• Synoquin and seraquin are available without prescription
• Dog owners may purchase synoquin directly from their vet or they may buy it online from and make huge savings
• You may also purchase meloxidyl oral suspension legally from an online supplier such as
• The most cost effective way to buy meloxidyl is meloxidyl 100ml or meloxidyl 100ml multibuy
• The meloxidyl or synoquin we supply is exactly the same as the meloxidyl or synoquin you would purchase from your vet though typically 40-60% cheaper


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